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Krystle Smith

All About Krystle

Krystle is a compassionate and dedicated Registered Social Worker specializing in trauma-focused therapy, nature-based healing, and grief counseling. Her commitment to women's wellness brings a unique blend of expertise to support individuals through their healing journey.


Specializing in grief therapy, Krystle offers empathetic support to those navigating loss, helping them find meaning and resilience amidst their pain. Drawing from her extensive experience and training, she creates a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their emotions and find healing.


Utilizing evidence-based therapeutic approaches, Krystle helps clients navigate the various stages of grief, fostering resilience and facilitating growth. Whether coping with loss, life transitions, or anticipatory grief, Krystle provides compassionate understanding and personalized guidance.

In addition to grief counseling, Krystle assists clients with challenges including trauma, parenting, relationships, and self-discovery. She emphasizes empowering women and parents to navigate their emotions, focusing on self-awareness and embracing vulnerabilities to regain strength and supports teens and young adults through life transitions, offering tailored therapy to promote resilience and self-awareness.

For those seeking support, Krystle offers free phone consultations to explore how she can assist in their healing and growth journey. Her compassionate presence and expertise provide valuable resources for anyone navigating life's challenges.

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